Conscious Wonders by Joe Dees

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What is this place, and this thing,
In which I find myself?
I notice a difference
Between an inside and an outside
Yet the inside is outside also
Only closer to me somehow
And unlike the outside-outside,
Which comes and goes and changes
The inside-outside remains ever with me
And I am aware of it
Not just on its surface,
Like I am of the outside-outside,
But through and through.
My awareness of the boundary between
The inside-outside and the outside-outside
Changes when one comes next to the other.
On the end of the inside-outside
That I feel that I am in
Are all these portals between.
They all change
Between before and after
And between different heres and theres.
But the two closer together change
In and between sectors
Of greater or smaller portion,
Nearer or farther
Quicker or more slowly
And of greater or lesser intensity
Within an unchanging oval field
Sharp at its center
Indistinct at its border
Ringed by nothingness.
And two others farther apart change
Between abrupt or flowing presences
Also of greater or lesser intensity
And an absence.
Another two very close to each other
And a larger one beneath it
Are like the boundary
But unlike it
In that they register
Differing richnesses
When things travel through them
Between the outside-outside
And the inside-outside.
I choose to will,
Then the inside-outside changes
And the outside-outside
Changes to follow.
The outside-outside changes
And for the inside-outside
To change to follow it,
My will must change.

How strange it is
For mind to reside
In an acting body
Connected by senses
To a surrounding world.