The rage I have by Mal Kennrae

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Pain rages in my heart
Makes me want to scream
Scream for something I donít have
Makes me feel as if the world hates me

They try to make things better
But they make it worse
Make me want to scream
In the rage that I locked up in my heart

I try and try again to redeem myself
But it makes everything five times worse
Makes it hurt like I have been hit
But I havenít
I have just been hurt by something
Words canít describe

They donít even know that their doing it
They just act as if the world is a happy
And reasonable place.
But it makes me scream even harder in the
Rage in my heart.

Pain grasps my body
Locking it away.
Containing the rage that wonít stop
I give one last scream
And give in to what people say I am.