Colors by Joe Dees

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Yellow shines forth the noonday sun,
Blue hues both the day’s sky and sea,
Red glow both the dusk and the dawn,
Green grow both the grass and the leaves.
White float the fluffy rain free clouds;
Grey they lay when they cover all.
Brown are both tree trunks and bare ground,
And black is the moonless midnight’s pall.
Orange and purple are not much seen
And neither do they have clear rhymes,
And pink is quite rare in nature’s scenes
But all bloom in flowers from time to time.
Colors show in one amazing spread.
We see but one octave color wheel.
Neither ultraviolet nor infrared
Is visible, although they’re real.
And colors are so unlike sounds
For they must delineate lines;
So, unlike chords, together wound,
We see just one in each place and time.
And this is why keys may be heard
In several octaves, hues seen but in one:
Harmonics would cause our lines to blur,
And our visual contrast would be undone.