That Life by Natalia Sakina

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Iím sitting in an empty room
Staring in a mirror with me staring back
Iím alone, dark, blank, baron
I wish myself to a place that will never come
I see a light, I walk towards it
Not knowing it is not there, itís fake, imagined
But it is beautiful there in that life, that light
So for a moment it is real

The sky is a brilliant blue
The grass is a gleaming green
With one there is always another
No one is ever alone

Iím walking down a pure black road
People smile and say ďhelloĒ
I feel unafraid, confident, happy
I drink in this feeling, this feeling
But something is still missing
Something I will never know till itís found
What is love

The sky was a brilliant blue
The grass was a gleaming green
With one there was another
No one was ever alone

But I am alone

The room comes back to me
The mirror comes back to me
I see truth, the dark, blank, baron
I feel more lonely than before
In the mirror I see my eyes
And I watch myself cry