T.V. Couples by Natalia Sakina

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I turn on the T.V. to see couples holding hands
Their eyes glowing, twinkling, in the moon light
For most people this makes them smile
For me it makes me cry

I feel empty
Like being sucked of life
By someone equally depressed

I break
Like collapsing from exhaustion
From being worked to the bone

The couples on the screen kiss
My soul dies

I want to feel what the couples feel
I want to scream when in pain
Then for that person to appear and tell me itís okay

I want for him to know if he screams
I will be there too

I want to hold somebody
I want to kiss somebody
I need somebody
I need somebody to need me
I want to laugh, cry, jump, try, fail, breath, succeed, live with somebody

Like the people on T.V.
But the people on T.V. are just actors
Reading a memorized script
Is what I want real or something I will never get?
I wonít know
I want to know