Disney Dreaming Land by Natalia Sakina

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Remember when the sky was not the limit
When cowboy and spaceman united as one
When a forgotten princes and her dwarves had a party

I do

I remember when my favorite place was my own mind and imagination

Where you would tell a lie and your nose would grow longer
Where the cats found their way home
Where the jungle man swung from vine to vine
Where my best friend was a pixie with her magic dust
Where the tramp showed the lady what the world could be and elephants with big ears flew

Where my heart filled with joy when the fox and the hound played
Where I cried when the cub’s papa died

Remember where you could dance in glass slippers with the prince of your dreams
Remember where you would whisper the magic words and you’d find the king and his thieves

Where the mermaid sang of our world
Where you would get lost in haunted mansions
Where you would jump into calk pictures to ride on carousels
Where the prince would slay the dragon to get what he desires
Where you would sing with the blue bird about your wonderful day
Where monsters made you laugh and not cry
Where you went on a flying bus to get to school
Where pirates buried treasure was a flying boy’s toys and the beast was not so beastly after all

Where 99 puppies squealed when the black and white haired one appeared
Where Indians were just around the river bend
Where jungle boy escaped from the tiger
Where the hunched-back man found a friend
Where a giant castle shown through the firework-bursting night once you came back from your trip to the moon

Where did my Disney Dreaming Land go?
I think left with my childhood innocents long ago