They Should Tell by Natalia Sakina

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He is staring at the street fight
Wishing it would stop
Bruises and pain kill his sprit

She is staring at the television
Watching the fire on the screen
The fire burns her school to the ground

The little kid sighs as his mom says good-bye
She tells her husband she going out with her friends
But the kid knows she is lying
She is seeing another guy
But the kid says nothing

The neighbor saw the bruises on her face
She hears the screams and loud cries
Then the screams fade into quiet sobs
Yet the neighbor turns out her light
She knows how much it must hurt
But she does not say a word

A girl gets another letter from her secret admirer
He asked her how she is doing
For the pain she is going through worries him all the time
She had never told anyone before him
Little does she know that the secret admirer is her best friend

If they know why will they not tell?
Because they are afraid
They should tell
They need to tell