Dolonchnapa by Parvez Kamal by Parvez Kamal

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Heard your name many a times
Read your name in black and white a hundred times
Imagined your beauty and your fragrance
But never was lucky enough to feast my eyes on your brilliance
Or immerse myself in your sweet smell.

Saw you for the first time this time
In the hands of a little girl next to Crescent Lake
Her clothes were tattered; her thin frame buckling under the weight of this cruel world
A thin veil of constant hunger in her eyes
But all the injustice and inequality could not remove the bright happy smile on her face
Her teeth were as white as you; they sparkled as brilliantly as you did.
She held you in her grasp like a bride at the altar; and seemed as proud and happy.
She was not selling just any other commodity; she was sharing her love and happiness;
A chance for us, too;
to experience the joy, to smile, to let go of all worries for a single moment.

Your bright, “shuvro” white, pearly petals shone like a Supernova; radiating constantly.
Immersing me in a sense of serenity;
An innocence as holy as the white “saree” of a widow.
You were as white and soft like the first snow of winter; and I wanted to feel your soft touch on my skin.

But then the light turned green. And I had to go
Go with the countless masses who pass through every minute to unknown destination
No time to stop; no time to contemplate; no time to think and enjoy.
I had to go, leaving you behind, hoping to see you again.

And I did. I saw you again at Mou’s.
Your “mou” was filling the room;
a fragrance so strong, so soothing, so heavenly, so sweet I have never experienced before
How did all these years of my life passed me by and I didn’t meet you?
Where were you for so long ?
Does all good things in life has to come when it is too late
But I have no complaints, no accusations, no gripe.
At least, even for a few precious moments, I did get to know you.