Tide by Mal Kennrae

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I am finding it harder,
And harder to be strong.
I feel as if there is no reason
To still be strong.

Things seem to be getting worse,
And never turning better.
Nothing seems to be right.
It is all getting harder.

The pain and hurt is over whelming.
I canít escape it.
I canít find a way out,
Of the ever coming tide.

I find it hard to smile sometimes
Find it hard to be happy
To live and love life,
To its fullest.

There seems to not be a break,
In my sadness
A sadness that is so profound
Words can not say.

I wish I hadnít stopped being strong.
I wish I didnít give up to easily
But I had to.
Had to let the tide take me with it,
To a place I could smile.