Cradle Bearing Bow by Liam Whan

I知 standing at the back door of my responsibility
And I知 feeling around in my pockets
Looking for excuses to use as keys

I am a thousand different people from one day to the next
I am a treasure map with a restless x
I知 a chameleon and I feel it in my bones
And my face is the only thing set in stone.

So keep your distance, I don稚 trust me
Because what you get ain稚 always what you see.

My icy little secrets cackle inanely in my wake
I知 a cradle bearing bow, and they wait for me to break
Their laughter gets louder every time that I resist,
Cause one day I値l be weak and give the harder trail a miss

And they will be there,
Bony fingers outstretched.

And I will take their hands
And as I walk with them into the darkness I will look back over my shoulder
And weep, for the man I almost was.

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