The death of age by Terry Cummings

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Fragile fingers caress the sky
haunting breath of light
cast in reticent lunar dye
pawns in gameless night

Mottled skin from times of rage
darkness flowing blood
Piercing cold, winds of age
Tributes stood in mud

Days of stature, years of pain
Lifetimes forged from wood
Lightning strikes then come again
Sorrow understood

Standing tall, audible groan
Seasons as a curse
lungs of leaf and heart of bone
condemned to life at worst

The smell of fear and ebb of life
fortunes left untold
forgotten wishes, plunging knife
youth will shun the old

Memory lost, a prayer for death
a whim at best forlorn
Rippled skin and stagnant breath
cursing the night still born

Eyes of thought fall away
mutter turns to sigh
A life of death from day to day
hope a sorry lie