"It Hurts to Think" by mariah parker

We broke up
Me and my best friend
Of 4 and a half years
I thought it would last forever
But I was wrong
Me and my best friend, we broke up
The only one I ever felt like I loved
Who could make me want to jump
In the way of a speeding bullet just to save her
Iím not sure what to do
Or how to move on
But what I do know is that sometimes
We just need to move on
And if by moving on
I mean putting away her pictures
Into a special box just for me
And if by moving on
I mean crying when I listen to all music
That reminds me of us
And if by moving on
I mean only starring at her during one class
And not the other 6
Well then Iíve moved on
But moving on doesnít mean letting go
Because letting go of her
My first love, my only love
Is just never possible
The tears I cry arenít for the loss of her
The tears I cry are for the loss of us
The laughter I used to have
The smile that was always on my face
Which at this point, now has long faded away
Iím not letting go, I will never let go
But what I am doing is putting my thoughts away
For that rainy day 10 years from now
When my true love finally comes back to me
For when weíve both matured
And when we realize what matters and who cares the most
For that rainy day 10 years from now
When Ashley bower finally comes back to me
I refuse to let you go, the love I hold will never fade away
Ill just push it off onto a shelf
Way away in the back of my heart
To brush the dust off one day
When you realize me and you were meant to be.

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