"Sorry" by mariah parker

Sorry is what I should be
For falling in love with you
Sorry is what I should be
For making our lives turn blue
Even though itís already done
Sorry is how I feel for fucking things up between me and you
I write these poems
To express how I feel
And to let you know
That if I had that time machine, we always talked about
Iíd go back and treat you better
You would have been the first to know, everything
I wouldnít have taken you for granted
Your birthday present would have been better than a robe
I would have never yelled or cried
Me and you would have been friends
Nothing more or less
This poem is like me itís horrible and stupid
And Iím so sorry I let us fall apart
I never thought it would happen
But things can hit you when you least expect it
And knock you so far off your ass
That you canít even climb back up
Thatís how I feel about us
Thereís no way I will ever be the same parker
That I used to be when we were together
I canít even look at my 4wheeler without thinking of you holding onto me
Music just makes me depressed
I will never taste tacos better than your moms
Chinese buffets no longer fill my tummy with joy
But basically the bottom line is
I will never find anyone like you
Who can make me get the feeling that you give me
If were over and done
Just give me one last hug
To say my goodbye
To the girl I once loved
Iím full of pain that refuses to go away
And I need you to give me one last hug
To make it all go away.
Iím sorry!

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