" Clouds in My Coffee and Peaches For All" by mariah parker

"Clouds in My Coffee and Peaches for All"

Some one very wise once told me,
You can't help who you love,
and yet still,
Sometimes the simplest things,
can be the hardest
to accept and act upon.

Love isnít a game
nor like checkers or chess,
u donít choose how u feel
or how it plays out in a mess
itís all up to fate
not the castle of a king or a jump of the pawn.

Love is like a huge rock
gone untouched way too long
You hold it tight
to never let it go
once itís gone
it will float, float, float
way to far from ones home.

Looking up
as I Toss and turn
I trip on a memory
way to farfetched to unlearn
trying to remember
all those words that you said
with a glare in your eye
and a twitch in my neck
I see the shadows on the wall
reminding us of all the battles
and the balls.

Rewinding and fast forwarding
through all of the times
that you and I
had felt alive
I look to recall
the one that went wrong
the one word that I spoke
or song which we sang
that ruined it all
Now fading away like those scars on my heart
me and you are meaning nothing at all.

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