"Someone Stole the Glue" by mariah parker

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My heartís shattered
Too many tiny pieces
Thereís no way to pick them all back up
Which ones do I keep?
Because they donít all seem to fit
Itís so hard to decide
Tattered and torn
Old and worn
But all these tiny pieces are the memories
The memories inside me that help my heart to beat

Still down from last months fight
I canít seem to breathe
Youíre suffocating me with all these thoughts
Thoughts of you and I
Before we died
Feeling like Iím going to fall
Feeling like I canít do this without you
But I keep trying to tell myself, you mean nothing at all
Trying not to remember
And hoping I donít forget
The things you and I did
That caused me to fall in so deep

The spunk in your hair
The twinkle in your eye
That lisp in your voice when you get excited
These are the things which always seem
To make me cry
Every time I realize it will never be mine
To touch, hold or listen too again
Iím beginning to worry
That I might not remember the sound of your voice
Or how you look when you wake up
Iím starting to get scarred
That thereís going to be nothing left
Inside my cold black heart
To keep me from causing my own death

So many tiny pieces scattered on the ground
Taking my time to find them all
If itís missing one the others will just crumble and fall
Working together as a team
Each memory has an attachment to each other
When you left, all they felt was heartache and pain
And this wall of perfect placement and perfection
Had no other choice but to breakdown
And eventually fall.