"Chase After You" by mariah parker

ďChase after youĒ
Run get as far away as you can
Try not to look back
Because you had your chance
And by now Iím long gone

Push, shove, scream, cry
These are the reasons why
You and I will never get by
Together we seem so happy
Together we look so opposite
Together we mold to form one
One with a common look
One with a common soul
We form one with that common goal
Just to survive and make it out of here

Hide, thatís what you do
Donít let them see the real you
If they only knew the real person inside of you, that I do
They would be the ones to run

You canít run if thereís no one to run from
But what if I believed
If I believed there was some heart in you
If I stayed around to listen and love
I bet You would run
Because you cant handle someone putting faith in you
Afraid to let them down like others do to you
Scarred to actually care about someone
Besides yourself

You canít handle the truth
That someone besides you
Knows what youíre thinking and the right things to say
You can stand the fact
That you are not the only who sometimes wants to run
To be alone isnít what you want
To be with me is just a scary thing
You canít control
Scary because you cant make me run
And knowing me I wonít let you run
I will always chase after you
You will not pull away
I will not let you go
I will always chase after you

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