"A Work in Progress" by mariah parker

A shadow
It goes away
The time
It flyís by
Die or run away
Doesnít leave
Petty crushes never stay
But true love is a feeling
That never moves away
A million miles apart
Or a bullet in ones heart
Love is an eternal fire
That can never be extinguished

To recreate passion found in love
Is like trying to make a piece of fine art
It takes many years of hard work and determination
And once you start it becomes so hard to part
Until you feel youíve done your best
To try and make things look right
Itís not something you just throw away and repeat
True love is a wart on your foot
Burn it off and it comes back the next week
You canít forget
You can try to forget but deep inside you will always remember
Push it away, tell it to leave
It will always come back to you
The only home itís ever known
Even though tattered and torn
Canít just be thrown away

I tried way too many times to replace her
Moving on is something Iím just not good at
I canít seem to forget
Even though I try so hard
Iím beginning to think Iím not suppose to forget
Itís not like I donít want to remember
But it just hurts too much
Every time I see her face
I smile, no matter how sad I am
Whenever that song plays, when Lime wireís on shuffle
I quickly turn it onto repeat
Every time she laughs
I get jealous because itís not with me
And every time she tells me to go away
I turn away not because I want to
But to keep from crying
I wish I could stay and fight
But I canít seem to hold back the feelings inside

I care too much
I knew this would happen
Iíd fallen in love
And now Iíve become so crushed
Itís been to long because
I try to remember her smell
But itís faded away, off of my pillow
I try to forget her body
But itís burnt into my memories

If only we could forget
The things we said
And things went back to normal
Then Iíd feel ok again
No more poems to write
Or dreams to wake me up in the middle of the night
My goal in life wouldnít be to move on
It would be to keep you happy
I donít want to be like everyone else
I want to make it so that in 5 years
When we meet again at that grocery store some whereís down the line
I can honestly say I know you, were friends
And I still love you.

So if were over and done
Just give me one last hug
To say my goodbye
To the girl I once loved
Iím full of pain that refuses to go away
And I need you to give me one last hug
To make it all go away.
Iím sorry!

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