Desires by Steve Burt

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Like a star falling among the mountains
Somewhere it falls or burns away
Sending a heartwrenching feeling in my soul
Scars which have trained my heart to sing
Howling at the trees which catch the song
Singing from my soul to yours, the dreamer
Which way do you seek from the road?
Faraway, the path looks far from your eyes
But how closely the dove flies, showing your way
This man with everything that you have ever wanted
With those same stars in his smile
And the gaze of one thousand lifetimes
Can he be the guide of your dreams?
Can he help you reach the pinnacle?
Yes, and with that you run toward him
Free from the chains of slavery which have you bound
To the very tree of life with all the answers
Was it written in the sky? So they say
The paths lit by the comets of souls
Streaming in the sky like a Brooke through the desert
Reaching that end, where you call for him
Where you find the truest of hearts and the deepest of gazes
The one who loves you and dreams your dreams
The one who was meant to be and holds your
Dreams in his touch, his stare, his smile
Life is full of decisions and though this will be
The hardest, your life is just beginning