Silence by Jared Marsh

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A touch of the blade and the tears roll down
As they fall one by one they make not a sound

Surprised I am as they are full of depression
The weight should increase with my daily obsession

These crimson tears blend in with the rain
This heavy disguise covering over the pain

Darkest tears decorate the perfect complexion
Only these eyes see the pain in my reflection

So much anger held deep in the bodily shell
So much suffering from this living hell

All these memories and all these scars
I’m the dimmest shiner amongst all these stars

The haunted soul that floats on this land
Reaching for someone, anyone’s hand

This shattered heart been fixed with glue
Then broken again, and torn in two

These scars all over my body, my heart, and my soul
This pain deep inside has taken its toll

And so one by one all the tears fall down
And these silent screams make not a sound