Something. by Shannon G

My life is a disasterpeice, a horror at its worste.
The way that its been treating me Im starting to feel cursed.
The skies are mixed with blues and grays making me feel sad, but maybe I deserve this for all the things I have done bad.
That little voice inside my head is never going to lie, I havent listened to it yet, and everynight I cry.
Why do I even bother, I wonder to myself, with this stupid mind of mine it's ruining my health.
Maybe I should listen to that voice inside my head, I've already done the opposite of whatever it has said.
Thats gotten me nowhere, maybe even farther back, and ithurts me even more because things I used to gain I lack.
I dont know what else to do, I guess that I should go. I just cant believe that I could ever feel so low.

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