Ancient Land by Jim Vaughn

Ancient mountains, historical lands, people with rifles banded in clans.
Despite party politics, their culture withstands, against all usurpers they always do band.
Religion, politics or maybe its just plain greed, we take what we want, making them flee.
Muhammad, Jesus, Allah or God these distinctions are that which war ponies are shod.
Sequestered, tormented, tortured sometimes, these many people arenít our street corner mimes.
Razzle and dazzle, we show up in force, we bring death and destruction, its our history of course.
Oil or gas, maybe just mineral rights, we take everything we want, we want everything in sight.
Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Kuwait, we look down upon their God, yet wonder why us they hate.
Rockets by night, roadside bombs by day, it doesnít look like our government is really getting their way.
I know this is tasteless and know it lacks tact, yet I still believe we should get the hell out, and bring all of our soldiers back.

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