Forgotten place by Kyle Archer

Here I am at this familiar place
I thought I had left it in my past
It was the one place I didnít want to face
This visit I promise will be my last

This is a place where when you scream
It echoís in your head haunting you
Itís like your stuck in a bad dream
If only the world had known the pain I went through

The tombstone is marked- an angel who never learned how to fly
But her heaven was earth
The last verse is enough to make you cry
To us sheíll never die. She turned the stars brighter in her birth.

And this is where I am, on this stone I sit
As my eyes let loose a flooded dam
Forever here is where I sit
Forever this is where I stand

Wishing I could be free
But the name on the tombstone is mine
Yup you heard right I said me
And my name will be carved there for all time

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