Angel sent by Kyle Archer

Angel sent
Down to earth
Blood spent
To learn the truth
Wings broken
Tears pour
Pain unspoken
Wanting no more
To feel anything
Or any way
Song of misery sang
Wanting no more to stay
A bloody love
A hearts pain
A curse from above
A heart slain
Given a chance
But looked over
Not even a glance
Was sent over
Standing all alone
With halo and white wings
Wanting to go home
Bloody angel wings
Halo caught in the breeze
A shadow caught in the light
A warm hearts starts to freeze
Still it shines so bright
She’s lost her will to fight
No one understands
When alone you dance
And she can’t stand the pain
Her mistakes are just stains
Abandoned to this world
In pain she curled
Into her pain she fell
Love being the antidote for the spell
Wanting to go home
Because she feels so alone
She’d give anything
To not feel a thing
She walks forgotten
In her black dress made of cotton
Wishing to be seen but she’s invisible
Not wanting to be miserable
Some call her sad rain
Because of her pain
She stands in the rain
And finds comfort in her washed away pain
Some call her painful rain
Because her pain has become the rain
Angel sent down
Pain causing her to drown
Angel sent…

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