Two hearts by Kyle Archer

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Sitting here alone
Soaked down to the bone
Crying my heart out
Not going to scream and shout

Two hearts on the line
One of them not mine
Old or new
Thatís the question you went through

Old promises hold strong
A fact of which I knew all along
You choose her and threw me away
Lead my thoughts my mind astray

But as long as youíre happy this is all Iím going to say

Iíll be there for you when ever youíre sad
Try and Calm you when youíre mad
Watch from a distance when youíre with her
Even though every time my heart breaks when you kiss her

But your happy so hereís all Iím going to say

I will not leave I will stay
Because seeing your smile makes my day
Even though itís always directed towards her
Even though to you my presence has become a blurí

In this world where fate is so cruel
You and her started anew
I watch you hold on to her
And feelings melt away forever

But youíre happy so hereís all Iíll ever say

Every day a pain wretched as anything shots
To me the pain of a broken heart suits
Harboring the pain from day to day
Until one day I just fade away.

I disappeared. No one noticed
And the moral of the story is how I choose this.
Cheers to your happiness
If you read this youíd laugh at this