Only you by Tia Voth

If only you knew
How much you mean
I shouldn't love you
But yet I do
You love her more then anything
And for that I will sit and be "happy"
Every time I talk to you
I get this rush of happiness
Excuse me for my ignorance
It will only be temporary
I will force myself not to
Even if it means to hurt myself
But my friend is more important
And it's not like you care
You only care because of her
You don't know how much it hurts
To know you love her
And would never think of me that way
You changed my world, within seconds
But you'll never know
You are my soul
You are my heart
Thats why I have to push you away
I won't hurt you or me
And defiantly not my friend
I will always love you
But I will act as normal as can be
I hate you, but yet I can never get enough
I am sorry for all those I have hurt
I need to go, and I want to be in total darkness
Never to see light again
I love you now , and for always and eternity

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