Homicide on my heart =/ by Shannon G

We were everything I hoped for, but you left without a word.

You planned an attack to my heart, and apparently it worked.

Did you mean to hurt me, the way you promised never to?

Or did you always feel that way, and lied about it too?

I dont understand why you pretended to love me, just to hurt me in the end; then to make it worse, by saying I could still be your friend.

You lied about the friend thing, you ignore me everyday; you block me on your screen names so you dont hear what I have to say.

I know that one day you'll come around, and finally talk to me,

But I dont know when day that is, and Im afraid that when it comes.. I'll no longer be.

Over you I've spilled my blood, and over you I'll someday die.

I hope you feel the pain when it happens; payback for all the nights you made me cry.

I would feel bad to hurt you so, but it wouldnt matter because I was dead.

Do you think.. you would visit me, on my last day in my funeral bed?

I doubt you would care enough to visit me one last time; just remember, YOU'RE the one who commited homicide on my heart, YOU'RE the one who did the crime.

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