I will find you soon. by Kyle Archer

This particular poem is close to my heart. A friend of mine was in love with a girl, but she was abused by her family, and she killed her self, and though the roles are reversed in this poem, it shocked him when he read it.

I think of all those times I let you down,
I remember how I just sat back and watched you hit the ground.
And I think to myself where would you be,
If I had been able to make them see?

You always thought you were worthless,
And amazingly you might have deserved this!
My words always fell on deaf ears.
They had destroyed your spirit after all those years.

You swore you were fine,
But I know now that you had crossed the line.
You called one night crying and scared,
Releasing all the pain and hate they had layered.

They couldnít come quick enough!
this is one thing you canít bluff.
I cried that day at your funeral as they lowered you down.
Your face looked so different, smiling. Where was your frown?

And I cry now as I think these things.
The tears, they run past my side swept bangs,
I donít know how to tell you that Iíll be there soon
I donít know if you rest in fire, or a field that is abloom.

But I will find you soon.

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