In Our Innocence by Justin Thomas Squires

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"In Our Innocence"

We stood unscathed

Brothers and Sisters

Looking for nothing more then the enchanted life promised to us by storybooks and film reels.

We stood untouched

Resting our heads on our pillows, the shadows on the walls shed a goodnight kiss. We pulled the blanket farther, drifting slowy into our minds, eye lids dancing with the thoughts of dreams. And then we saw nothing. The halls were silent. Three children slept in a haven only seen through the eyes of innocence.

Oh how I wish I never woke

"Hermits Call"

Dreams of disease, tornatic wake. Desolate lands on a distant shore, the horizon shrouds a sight wished not to be seen by eyes or spoke of by toungues. Mountains of bone, lake of little, release me from these thoughts, but keep me here forever, for I thrive from you.

I wake not a child but an individual, molested by society's musts and mandotory agreements.

Suffocate me from my mind

Hold me away from the hole in which I hide, in which I linger.

It is within that hole that I throw the world the scraps of what has managed to escape the grasps of my third eye.

When you see what I truely am, what I hold withing this vessle of flesh, you will not only question, but you will see the true color of my eyes.

Justin Thomas Squire
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