A Question Of Truth by Keith Kitchen

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Amid the confusion and alternate realities abounding
Insanity prevails and music is sounding.
The power intensifies and changes in form
While continuity disintegrates and finds its mask shorn.

Of truth...what is this?
A sound that transmits from mind to less.
A weakening understanding,
Lost in forgetfulness.

A thundering echoes in the thoughts of my mind,
Continuous deviation from the patterns of time.
Lost, searching for ultimate conclusion,
Trying to find a way out of this illlusion.

Halfway up the ladder,
Hanging by a thread of light,
Indecision at the crossroads,
Should I turn left or right?

Energy forms to the Northeast,
White, so bright it burns my eyes
Breaking down reality's walls so thick,
Resulting in my utter surprise.