Descent Of The Moon Goddess by S. E. Johnson

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Descent of The Moon Goddess

I beheld the descent of the moon Goddess
In the year of the comet's tail,
The morning it seeded the earth,
And the faces of men grew pail.

First they called it the tree of heaven
Because it fell from the stars,
That was before we knew her cunning,
Before she left her scars.

Entranced they climbed her twining boughs,
Impaled upon her deathly thorns,
In ecstatic pleasure they died in droves,
Then we knew the tree had horns.

The tree of heaven flourished on the earth,
Blooming 'neath the waning moon,
Her fragrance entranced the youthful heart
And caused the weak to swoon.

Mankind became the bleeding fruit,
Each morn another hung aloft,
Until we wept in deep remorse,
And the will of mankind went soft.

For love we climbed the thorny trunks,
And came to watch the peaceful faces,
Poets came and singers gathered,
From close at hand and far off places.

They wrote and sang and some climbed,
To join the caravan of those who died,
The world slowed to a deathly pace,
Knowledge ebbed and dreamers cried.

And that is how it ended all so quietly,
How I've watched the endless stream,
Those who climbed and those who watched,
And those who ceased to dream.