The Journey Shared by Robert Squires

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Her warmth drew him near,
Calming his cold fear,
Destiny’s sails long ago set,
When lost lovers first met.

Softly touched, by a dream they couldn’t see,
Of a starship crossing the galaxy,
Two souls drifting, across time and space,
Trusting their fate, to a far away place.

A star fell from the indigo sky,
And now two lovers lie,
Keeping each other warm,
Safe from the raging storm.

Mighty beasts and volcanoes roared,
While young love rose and soared.

Time slowly turned volcanoes cold,
New love once again born from old,
In a mighty castle made of stone,
Knight and Lady, no longer alone.

Sharing days and destiny meant,
Until the night’s passion spent,
One journey comes to an end,
Another prepares to begin again.