Love [isnt so great] by Shannon G

Tears stream down my face as sky subsides to dark,
draining out my feelings as the razor leaves this mark.

I'm now just a body
the reaper claims my heart,
which also holds my soul;; How could you play his part?

Love is a dark magic that should never be dealt with,
but unfortunately must be for SOME people to exist.

The probing, ignorant people who can't help falling in love,
believing that is is a blissful gift from above.

But they have no idea what they're getting into,
and it's usually too late when they finally do.

Most people parish in the fight to get love right
because to them it's a very admirable sight

Hearts racing rapidly to repeat requited dreams
to fulfill the expectations of their past loves not to be.

Pain seeping slowly into their cold and dreary hearts;
only to be noticed when their defenses fail to start.

Letting people inside is the only way to get hurt.

It gives them the power to stalk,
to prey,
during night or day,
finding EVERY possible way
To KILL YOU when they decide not to stay.

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