Wordsmith by Lori Lopez

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By Lori Lopez

Accept or reject
What I say
But consider my words
As I wrote them
With painstaking care
More than you could imagine
Crossed out and revised
Penned with ink from my veins
To the point of insanity

Their syllables mined
And measured like gold
Then craftily smithed
Carved in stone, chipped by hand
Forged, hammered, sculpted upon
The firmest anvil
Hewn and polished
To dazzle the senses
And evoke the whim

Dismiss not my words
Because I write the opposite
Of how you think I should
For where is it written
That artists and writers
Need follow The Rules?
Creative thought
Cannot be confined
Restricted, controlled
Nor talent denied

I have my style
Embracing the tongue
Vivid, precise, extravagant
A brush point dipped in every color
Painting black and white
Striving for a sense of song
As well as humor
I cannot silence my inner voice
My love of words
Can you?

But if only my eyes see the words
Are they spoken?

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Copyright 2007 Lori Lopez, All Rights Reserved.