That Which Scares Us by Lori Lopez

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By Lori Lopez

What beasts reside in grottos deep
Where dawnless deathly shadows hide
Pale nocturnal slugmites creep
Ghost-dancing serpents slide

Where musty mildewed madness dwells
Eternal pits crave midnight snacks
The mouth gapes wide but never tells
What lurks in caves or cracks

What twilight gnomish beasts we fear
Who wait concealed until tis night
Whose scraping furtive tracks we hear
Then vanish come the light

Whose full-moon amber stares we heed
The wolf-howl wind their wail
From cactus tooth and claw we bleed
Down some enchanted trail

Wherein lies mist and graveyard gloom
The heart betrays us loud or still
As we expect to meet our doom
Yet there least likely will

At trembling hours of ghoul and ghost
We heroes stand more tall
For facing that which scares us most
May banish monsters all.

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Copyright 2007 Lori Lopez, All Rights Reserved.