To One Whose Affection I've Lost by Edea Baldwin

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Did it seep away like liquid from a cracked cup?
Tiny pearl drops forming along the crack, slowly dribbling down the side.
Or was it more like a steady, maddening drip from a broken faucet?
A sound so trivial, yet over time enough to erode even
the steadiest nerves.

Perhaps it was more violent than that,
Perhaps it was a torrent, a cascade of old feelings pouring, gushing,
falling over the brink to be lost in the churning waters.

However it left, the simple fact is that
It did, and now I am left to wonder.

Heart more numb than anything else.
The pain, sharp for some time, has now dulled, but
It is everpresent, like a canker blossom.
And the hardest thing is
Not knowing why.