Trevor the Terror Pt 2 by lynne black

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The screams of fear and terror could be heard
both far and wide
and Trevor well the pleasure he just could not hide

He leapt out of his hiding place and danced a little jig
Running jumping and grunting just like a big fat pig

One mum stood calmly arm raised finger pointing in acusation amidst the rising chaos
Trevor you evil child I'll send you a visitation

That night Trevor awoke his bedroom black as death
a giant golden teddy was choking out his breath
Oh Trevor you are a terror to children and to toys
and from this night onward will be unlike other boys

In the morning when Trevors mummy sprung lightly to his room
carrying a boiled egg and a dainty silver spoon
The sight that met her loving eyes was truly one of horror

There on the bed lay Trevor his lips and face dead pale
A top a golden furry body sporting a little fluffy tail

The doctors could do nothing to restore poor Trevors body
Now he spends his days on his mummies bed with pajamas in his tummy