Tanya by lynne black

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Tanya was the perfect child
everybody said so
she wears pink dresses
and frilly knickers
and ribons the colour of rainbows

Her big blue eyes
and winning smile
are used to full effect
while torturing little insects
suspicion they deflect

Stuffed in her bedroom draws
are victims of her hobby
she likes to pull the pretty
wings off butterfies
and mothies

One day whilst in the garden
where dearest Tanya liked to
a giant yellow butterfly
lured Tanya away

She chased him round the garden
and down the withy lane

She found herself surrounded
by bugs both large and small
and standing right in front
of her the biggest bug of all

Welcome little Tanya
you see I know your name
a child like you can not
continue to play your little game

An example I shall mkae of you
for all to see and wonder
and then he shook his big round
head and flicked his long antenne

They found her in the morning
high up in a tree
suspended by a silken thread
and totally stone dead