We - the person by Zaara Haroon

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Blankless eyes wanted to say something

Expressionless lips smiled to themselves

The beauty was in being one

In unity with the infinite of the universe

A dust of cosmos held my hand

Twirled me 'round

And made me mad

I loved myself and it loved me too

We were made by The One

In His Holiness, made similarly,

Universally one.

What I seek today is not the Unity in the world

Unity in man, woman, or creed

What I seek today is not the Unity in sentences

Or that on paper:

No, not the Unity in love or friendship

What I seek today is the Unity within myself-

United in struggle- United throughout life.

Yes, I know I'll seek one day

The Unity in me,

And in that will I find

The oneness of the Universe

And my belief in We- neither he nor she

The Universe and I-

Becoming an infinite We.