Starstruck by David Golledge

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Remember Marie the time
I banged my head when studying
a map under a bus shelter
and saw lights?

The map of the South London
transport network was transformed
Into a flashing blueprint
of the suns that keep the universe alive.

The nodes and roads
Became constellations.

Pegasus, Perseus,
Monoceros, Cepheus.
Eridanus, Delphinus,
Piscis Austrinus.

Cygnus, Auriga,
Vulpecula, Corona.
Coma Berenices,
Aquarius, Pleiades.

Triangulum, Sextans,
Andromeda was there.
Serpens, Lacerta,
Cassiopeiaís chair.

The Plough turning lovely
In itís golden field.
Brixton Garage protected
By Orionís sunny shield.

In Streatham.