The Greatest by Scott Stoddart

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Float like a butterfly
Sting like a bee
Your hands canít hit
What your eyes canít see

An old man sits in a comfortable chair
The greyís been dyed out of his hair
He sits with a reporter, watching himself on TV
Float like a butterfly sting like a bee

They watch the handsome man on the screen dance and sway
The other guy couldnít catch him if he had all day
The old man turns and says, can you believe thatís me
Champ, you were the greatest of all time itís plain to see

The old man says, age it was that caught up with me
Time was the thing that defeated Muhammad Ali
He turns to the TV and looks in wonder again
At another man on another plane

The perfect specimen without peer
Has turned into whatís sitting here
The lightís nearly extinguished that once brightly shone
Where does the time go, he asks, you blink and itís gone