Ode to the Ocean by Jessica Garcia

Ode to the Ocean

Silvery blue life surrounding Earth,
Shimmering, life holding majesty.
Elegant waves of foam crashing and swallowing rocks
As the blue veil cups the life beneath.
Smells of salt fill the humid air.
Standing still and peaceful,
Never will its serene glimmer be dull.
Dusted with glistening stars
Precious as the pearls it holds.

As the ocean holds its peace,
Its magnificent waves crash!
The child has awakened.
Its silky strands flowing with the currents,
Itís salty breath, kissing the Earth ever so gently.
Its tender finger tips grazing the land.
Its innocence is lost.

Thundering waves slapping cliffs,
Murdering rocks waiting beneath.
Up above, the seagulls sing
As the oceanís life breaths beneath.
The Blue Whale sings itís magical tune,
Unveiling its secret to none but its self.
Surrendering its self to the moon so full,
Dragging behind the mystical orb like a love struck fool.

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