Occasional Visits (Free Verse) by Jenny McPhillips

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Dry, prickly heat disturbs
my breathing as I try to take on
life’s demands.
Children walk quickly
through trails of bills
and monstrous piles of memory dust,
as I remember time gone by.

Brief glimpses take me back
but only ever so slightly.
Dipping into the bin of the past
brings forth ghosts howling tunes of remembrance,
whispering songs of guidance,
as they wander through the darkness of a tortured mind.

I let their haunting voices teach me…
willing them to launch their tirade
and daring them to do their worst.
Goading them into trying me one more time
and laughing as I send them home.

Dry, prickly heat eases into soft mists of glory,
and calm rain falls gently from blue skies.
Quiet tears of gratitude for second chances and realisations
decorate life’s laughter lines as they pour softly
from grateful eyes.

Each battle is worth the blood spilled
for the war of greater peace can be won
as long as I fight with it.

And not against it.