Your Winter's End by Deep Thought38

Your Winter's End

The snows of your heart are piled high 'gainst the door to your soul,
With acts or omissions your needs have long been spurned,
The lies and hurting words have gathered deep in drifts
'Til at last all tender thoughts lie crushed and burned.

Come now softly to the sanctuary of my secret world
Where I will breathe fire on to your trembling lips.
My hands will warm you to your very depths
With sparks of loving flame your desires ignite.
And slowly will I melt away the icy frosts
Brought on by so much indifference and spite.

Your frozen feelings will I fan into roaring flames
And pile on high the coals of passion's lust,
Until at last I have rekindled Love's sweet dreams
And all bitterness and pain have turned to dust.

( (C) Laurence M. Hazlewood 27th Sep 1999 - e-mail:

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