Whispering My Thoughts To You... by Jenny McPhillips


Knowledge of the existence
of anotherís love as it
swirls to meet you
through the mists
and fogs of your journey.

Whispering to you.

Hoping you hear me and feel
the essence of my soul as I
surround you.


In the warm breeze
that welcomes you as
you walk your path of life,
hear me calling.
Sense my being and
know that Iím
always with you.

Calling to you.

When the thunder thuds
all around you, listen to my cry
as I join you to soften the blows.
If the lightning should
strike you badly again,
remember, Iím holding
you closely.

Caressing you.

With a kiss so soft I send
you these thoughts, hoping
they will reach you in
a whispering air
of surety.

Do you hear me?

If a feather should
in your direction-
itís me.
When you see a leaf float
gently down from a tree-
itís me.
The ocean waves that sing their
peaceful tune-
are me.

And the voice in your head that you hear so clearly-

is me.

Listen to your heart.


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