Questions by Deep Thought38


How did it happen, how did it start?
How did you trigger this beat in my heart?
Where are we going, where will it end?
Will I break in your arms or can I just bend?

What must I do to make sense of this madness?
Will I find joy again or only more sadness?
My head is raging with questions and doubts
But my Soul is wondering, Are you my way out?

This life of solitude I know oh so well
My fears will not be that easy to quell
Old habits and needs are hard to forsake
I know how to give but can I learn how to take?

Does this road lead to places of wonder and light?
Or will I again be consigned to the dark of the night?
Will we find in each other that mystery sublime?
Could it be that you’ve come to make my life rhyme?

When we talk I can sense the warmth of your nearness
I hear in your voice the depth of your dearness
You arouse in me feelings I thought were long gone
And I know that I want this madness to go on.

( (C) Laurence M. Hazlewood 10th May 2003 - e-mail:

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