Window View by Jennifer Lamb

I lay myself upon a sill
Listening, Listening, Listening.
Calls, shouts and screams of joy,
The outside world...What mystery.

I perch myself upon the sill
Watching, Watching, Watching.
Children, running. Black Birds calling,
A sun warm ray surrounds me.

I open upon my door and smell
Breathing, Breathing, Breathing.
Perfumes of dancing roses. The dew upon the grass,
Tidal Scents overpower me.

I step outside my house behind
Feeling, Feeling, Feeling.
Pine needles between my toes. Harmony, peace, tranquility,
How the touch recieves me.

I breathing in deeply
Tasting, Tasting, Tasting.
A quick lick of the woodland's breath. Salt of rain on my tongue,
Estatic are my senses.

A view from the window changes when you step outside.

By Fallen-Petals

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