Envision Perfection by Edward Moncayo

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Envision perfection, on an island of rapture, there she lies upon the pristine white sands, basking in the light of the brilliant warming sun, a paragon of comeliness, enchantingly effervescent.

From a distance away, I feel as I’m standing, immersed to my heart, and flailing against the current, awash in this sea of wonder, a wondrous fetter of adoration.

I peer upon the deliciousness of her velvety skin, kissed by the lips of angels and painted with delicate freckles covering the temple of her soul.

Her eyes, oh her eyes, nothing quite as magnificent, an unrivaled invention of the Creator, and imbued with the power of a million gods and goddesses, so even the lovely daughter of Njord or the worshipped Kanikanihia blush in vain as her eyes, and her dulcet lips and her remarkable smile, and of her remaining attributes common only to the ethereal…symbols of the empyreal, icons of the incredible, have subdued my heart and ransomed my soul.

She is unrepentant, unaware, unashamed, and I, restrained, from a distance…

…in agony
…in ecstasy
…in love