The Gardens of My Mind by Edward Moncayo

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As I frolicked through the gardens of my mind, I sat upon a chair at a table indifferent to the world, laid about the vastness of nothingness that pervades every ounce of my frail and tattered being.

The strange lights danced all about me and I sat in this purgatory of dereliction, afraid, unsure, and unraveled.

In a moment though, all was to change, as before me, she sat. Ethereal and uncommon, borne of angelic notions and filled with the unparalleled exquisiteness, of the perpetual beauty of Eve and her like.

Stranger even still was her expression, perhaps equally as lost as I, but filled with a delectable and magnanimous intrigue, an intrigue of simplified perfection wrapped in her perfectly carved heavenly form.

Her skin, soft and perfect, yet dotted with a symphony of tears which flowed from the eyes of God himself that further enraptured my captive soul.

Her features, soft and strong all at once, her demeanor reserved yet shouting unspoken words of magical and furious passion.

As Edgar Poe called on the fanciful traits of the Daughters of Delos and echoed the words of our dear Lord Verulam on the genera of all beauty, I found myself lost in translation for much was still such a profound mystery and secret and my heart cried out to her so I could embrace her firmly, gently, lovingly..

All at once, I was captivated, stunned, and frozen…her orbs, grand and magnificent, bestowed upon her by the lord of seraphim with soft hues inspired of emeralds and sapphires and drenched in some eclectic form of ecstasy rang and reverberated deeply through every crevice and corner of my mind, heart and soul.

I’ve been mesmerized and tantalized somewhere on the order of the great colossus that stood for the house of Luxor and nothing more inspires me to think and feel as this, but I feel as I feel as I think, in a circular madness, in an idyllic dream of what should be but cannot.

And here in the gardens of my mind as the lavender and foxglove consume me, I cry as I wake, from the most beautiful dream anyone has ever dreamt.