Sometimes so steady we seem by Matthew Terry

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Sometimes so steady we seem
standing still on the banks of
lean waters, bubbling and rushing
around our ankles like tonic water,
rinsing the sins of rising suns
blending with a Ketamine sheen
that dully fades to a few aligned
stars struggling to be seen
through a thick black cloth.

Sticky spots on stained floors,
peeling at our bare feet.

Open arms and smiles, joy
pounding around us with the
ancient rhythm of the sea,
drowning us with a ritual
and giving us the key to
rings entwined, always apart.

White flowers lost as rain,
Nothing we can hold, we can keep.

Armor so gallant, worn with
love and no small bit of pride,
cannot fend the blows that
come from the inside, and so
is left unworn, more oft than not.

One I am sworn to defend, in the end
leaves me no enemies, I stand and weep.

Rend skin and tear flesh, make rivulets
To wash the pain from my bones, spare Her
that is the cause, from my overzealous games.