I am not a poet by Michael de Waal-Montgomery

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I am not a poet,
I am just a bum.

Drinking wine all day
and sleeping my fair share.

Half the time my head is empty,
But then half the time I'm unconscious.

I'd welcome you in and offer you a drink
If I wasn't replacing the rug on the floor.

Pathetic is probably the right word here,
I guess it's just as well I never had kids.

I don't have a clue where my life is going,
But then I'll be damned if I ever did.

Ask me why I'm the way I am
And I'll just start on the next bottle of red.

Toast a glass to the ghost of tomorrow,
Cos as far as I'm concerned it's already dead.

I'm not trying to say that I dislike my life,
Because in actual fact I have a lot of fun.

You see,
Like I said before:

I am not a poet,
I am just a bum.